A.K.A. “Goodbye password managers, hello Sniptt”

Here at Sniptt, we have lost count of how many times a colleague has asked us to securely share an API key, a database password, or an environment configuration file and we have not had an easy-to-use tool at our disposal that would help us do this efficiently.

We have worked with many different engineering teams over the past few years, and when it comes to sharing secrets what we have seen is that most small to medium-size teams eventually decide to either:

At Sniptt, most of our experience has been writing TypeScript and JavaScript for Node, so we made the decision to use the same technologies to build out the first few versions of the Snip CLI. Our initial testing has shown, however, that distributing security software exclusively over npm would not sit right with many of our users. While our long-term goal is to port the Snip CLI to Golang (see our first attempt here), we decided to take a pragmatic approach until then and package our JavaScript code as stand-alone executable binaries for both macOS and Linux.

In this tutorial…

Sniptt Official

We believe there should be a better way for teams to manage secrets, so we decided to build a new kind of secret manager. Say goodbye to password managers!

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