Sharing secrets with teams

  1. not bother about “excessive” security measures and “just use Slack”, or
  2. adopt using a password manager because “the business is already using one”.

What’s wrong with password managers, anyway?

Like many of you, we use password managers on a daily basis to help us create and manage passwords for (primarily) web-based services such as ProtonMail or GitHub.

  1. User/developer experience; Password manager UIs are often unintuitive and clunky, and sometimes require you to install browser extensions.
  2. Efficiency; We should be able to share end-to-end encrypted secrets straight from the terminal, and we should be able to script and automate related tasks.
  3. Lack of open source; We would like to understand how the tooling that we use on a daily basis actually works, and we would like to contribute to making it better.

Sniptt to the rescue

Naturally, we started looking for a CLI that would allow us to share end-to-end encrypted content with our colleagues straight from the terminal while also offering great user/developer experience but, to our surprise, there were not too many tools out there that would tick all the right boxes.

Example: First-time account setup
Example: Device registration (existing account)
Example: Using Vaults to share secrets with team members
Example: Advanced usage with scripting

What else can I do with Sniptt?

Our new favourite feature is the ability to share a secret via “one-time URL”. The secret can be viewed by the recipient only once and then it will be self-destructed.

Example: One-time secret sharing via a URL
The ots CLI in action

How do I get started?

Simply check the Getting Started docs for installation instructions, and then run snip configure.



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Sniptt Official

Sniptt Official

We believe there should be a better way for teams to manage secrets, so we decided to build a new kind of secret manager. Say goodbye to password managers!